Trinity Presbyterian Church in Hendersonville Goes Solar

May 2, 2018: Seven members of Trinity Presbyterian Church in Hendersonville met to explore the possibility of bringing solar energy to their church.

Fast forward one year and one day after that first meeting…

May 3, 2019:  Sunshine is flowing through their solar panels, and Trinity is actively (and now effortlessly) reducing their carbon footprint and their dependence on fossil fuels. Every single day!

How special is that timing?


The power team that worked together to bring solar to Trinity. Yes, pun intended. 😉  Tom Karvonen, Dick Bobb, Bud Weeks, Priscilla Karvonen, Julie Carter, Enrique Sanchez, Sandy Weeks, Jock Aplin, Barb Engle, Ed Spencer, Ed Lockwood, Dan Donovan, Harry Hankla, and Bob Forsythe. 


But we actually think the best part is that for Trinity, going solar was a fully community effort.

These days the relentless stream of climate change news is overwhelming at best. And sometimes, it’s enough to make us want to crawl under a rock. Maybe you, like we do, sometimes think: what can one person possibly do in the face of all that’s happening to our planet?

Which is why we loved catching up with Sandy Weeks, part of the group that spearheaded Trinity’s solar project.

She reminded us that yes, a small group of people working together absolutely can make a difference.


Trinity Church Going Solar

We made a banner together! “Trinity is Going Solar in 2019!”


From start to finish, their congregation worked together tirelessly to raise the funds to install 85 solar panels on three Trinity roofs.

While it started with that first group of seven, the project quickly grew into a true community affair. From countless one-on-one conversations to weekly email updates for the congregation to fundraising to an evening barbecue and presentation on global warming and solar energy.

Not to mention, they also found creative ways to inspire their community, like a photo opp with a solar panel and an open invite for members to sign the back of a solar panel to further involve their congregation (pictured below).


Signing the back of a solar panel

Brandon signing his name to the back of one of the solar panels, one of many children and adults who signed the panels to further personalize the project before the panels went up on the roof.


Solar panel fundraising

A fun way to show track the solar project fundraising.

And actually, Trinity’s not stopping there:

“While investigating solar energy and communicating with our congregation,” says Sandy, “we also applied on January 4, 2019 for a Duke Energy rebate available to non-profits. We were notified on May 16 that Trinity has qualified for the rebate. The team will meet again soon to plan installation of more solar panels on a fourth roof of the church.”

Thanks for choosing us to help realize your vision, Trinity!


Some of Team Sugar Hollow installing Trinity’s Panels: Matt Buswell, Charlie Nimitz, Cameron Hatfield.


P.S. See how those solar panels are angled? We used a special east-west racking method for Trinity’s flat roof to help them collect the most sunlight as efficiently as possible.

P.P.S. Wanna join Trinity in bringing down the carbon in Western North Carolina? Find out if solar could be a good fit for your home or business by getting in touch today. (Psst, if you’re a Duke customer, their rebate is still happening, and we’d love to help you cash in.)

Ready for comfort, security, and savings?

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