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Why is now the time to switch to solar?

It’s the source of heat and light for the whole solar system.

Renewable energy has moved into the mainstream thanks to the rapidly falling price of solar components and gains in efficiency. It is now possible to reduce our reliance on fossil fuel, and with the current tax incentives, the cost to switch to solar has never been sweeter.

Be Your Own Utility
Reduce or Stabilize Electricity Costs
See a Return on Your Solar Investment
Reduce Your Use of Fossil Fuels
Lower Household Emissions
Lower Your Carbon Footprint
Decrease Our National Dependency on Foreign Oil
Help Preserve our Resources for Generations to Come

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How it works

The smart way to switch to solar electric:

It’s yours. Let Sugar Hollow Solar provide you a long-term sustainable and renewable solution that will save you money on your electric bill and put clean energy in the grid.
Now that’s powering the future.

1. We examine your electricity usage from the prior year and assess your current energy needs and efficiency.

2. We help you estimate system sizing, pricing and benefits – return on investment.

3. We design, install, and service a sun-powered solution that best fits the needs of your property and carbon footprint goals.

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Hire us for your next solar project.

Solar is no longer just “alternative” energy. It is a viable, sustainable way to power your home or business — and save hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars.

Sugar Hollow Solar specializes in the installation of solar energy technologies. Our experienced team has completed commercial and residential projects all over western North Carolina. 

Now is the perfect time to install solar on your home or business.

While not everyone can be completely independent from their local utility, you can take back the control. We have on-grid and off-grid options available.

If you would like to use the sun’s energy to provide heat, hot water, electricity, and even cooling get started by calling 828-776-9161 or email us at 

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"Very professional and honest."

– Hans Doellgast, Jade Mountain Builders

"In a word, FANTASTIC. Whenever you hire a contractor you're taking a chance they treat your job as a priority. There was never any question about that with SH. In fact, the project manager on my job was simply outstanding."

Barbara Walker, Home Owner

"From the initial visit to the final wrap up the company communicated well even as they moved the project from one department to another. The guys who did the installation came when they said they would and kept the site clean. I cannot think of a single negative point."

Philip Wiehe, Home Owner

"Since our initial contact I have been 100% satisfied. Your careful explanations, your commitment to details, and your work ethic were especially appealing. We appreciate the professionalism of your crew. We are totally satisfied. Hope Sugar Hollow is a huge success."

— Ralph Johnson, Home Owner

"Should anyone be considering solar addition to their business or home they should look no further than Sugar Hollow Solar."

— Doctors Dean Hutsell and Charles Lloyd, The Fairview Animal Hospital

"Sugar Hollow Solar really went the extra mile to make my project work. I love reading the output info on the electrical box that informs me of how many TONS of CO2 I have saved from entering the atmosphere."

— Kathy Triplett, Home Owner

"I am delighted to recommend Sugar Hollow Solar without reservation. I found them knowledgeable, professional, courteous, prompt, willing to listen and answer questions, enthusiastic, strongly committed to customer satisfaction and very competitively priced.

— Mike Levi, Home Owner

"These guys bring excitement to the job and enjoy what they do and it shows in their quality and service. You can look around if you like, but these are the guys to go with!"

- Larry Papula, Home Owner