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We brought our solar pathfinder to this site when the builders were clearing the lot so we could give them a better idea of which trees to cut for the best solar window. Once the house was built, we installed an 8.4 kw grid-tied PV system which uses an SMA secure power supply to provide a limited amount of backup power when the grid is down and the sun is shining.


This 7.5 kw system was our first project in Biltmore Forest. It employs enphase microinverters to mitigate the effects of partial shading from all the large mature trees on the property. It will reduce their monthly power bill by approximately $75.


This 5.5 kw grid-tied PV system was one of our early projects, and it is located on Hickory Nut Gap Farm in Fairview. It provides half of the power consumed by a family of 5 living in this energy efficient home.


We installed this ground mounted grid-tied PV system with battery backup for a new home in Black Mountain. It will offset a large portion of the home’s electricity usage and provide solar power for critical electrical loads during power outages.


This custom home in Mills River stays warm thanks to a combination solar, wood, and propane radiant floor heating system. Tubing is embedded in the slab on the ground floor and in Warmboard plywood panels on the second floor. We call this setup “wood by winter, solar by summer” and the propane is really only needed if no one is around to stoke the fire.


This project brought some challenges because the roof on the south side is nearly flat, and we were wary of loading up the roof since it was an old house. With the help from our engineer, we used a ballasted system more commonly done in commercial applications. It will reduce the monthly power bill by approximately $75.


We helped these homeowners reduce their energy bills with a 9.2 kilowatt grid-tied pv system and a solar pool heating system.


Power from this off-grid cabin comes exclusively from a 1.5 kw PV array buffered by a bank of 4 Trojan T-105 batteries. A Magnum 4024 inverter provides standard AC power for most of the loads, but a DC fridge, DC emergency lighting, a DC powered solar hot water & heating system, and a gravity water system take care of the other essentials.

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We installed this net-metered 8.4 kilowatt system in the fall of 2014. It offsets a significant portion of the Fairview Animal Hospital's electricity. If the quick payback materializes, they are planning to double the size of the array in the future.


We are proud of our latest commercial installation on the newly renovated 32 Banks Avenue in downtown Asheville. Building owners Darrah and Zack Noble had us commission the work in 2 phases. It provides power for the building that houses Buxton Hall Barbecue, Vortex Donuts, and The Banks Avenue Pub.


We installed this three-phase solar edge system in October 2015. It has 198 panels and will off-set over a third of the building's electric bill. When owner Dr. Wetzel approached us about the project, his primary motivation was to lower the building's carbon footprint. Thanks to tax credits and accelerated depreciation schedule, he also benefitted from a solid return on his investment.


This 40 kilowatt ground mounted array is only the latest from a savvy investor and energy entrepreneur from our home town. With the help of a REAP grant from the USDA - available to many businesses in Western North Carolina who install solar - the investor was able to get close to 80% off of the overall price of the system.


The English family has been dairy farming in North Cove, NC for four generations. They have been leaders in their community in implementing new farming techniques and recently started making cheese. This 4 collector solar hot water system helps reduce operating costs for this process. We were selected to design and install the system the non-profit Mountain Valleys RC&D.


Check out the new look of Sylva Smiles as seen from the Asheville highway. This 12.54 KW system was sized to fill the roof and offsets a significant portion of the building's energy use. They also invested in energy efficiency measures including the installation of a new Steibel-Eltron heat pump water heater.

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"Very professional and honest."

– Hans Doellgast, Jade Mountain Builders

"In a word, FANTASTIC. Whenever you hire a contractor you're taking a chance they treat your job as a priority. There was never any question about that with SH. In fact, the project manager on my job was simply outstanding."

Barbara Walker, Home Owner

"From the initial visit to the final wrap up the company communicated well even as they moved the project from one department to another. The guys who did the installation came when they said they would and kept the site clean. I cannot think of a single negative point."

Philip Wiehe, Home Owner

"Since our initial contact I have been 100% satisfied. Your careful explanations, your commitment to details, and your work ethic were especially appealing. We appreciate the professionalism of your crew. We are totally satisfied. Hope Sugar Hollow is a huge success."

— Ralph Johnson, Home Owner

"Should anyone be considering solar addition to their business or home they should look no further than Sugar Hollow Solar."

— Doctors Dean Hutsell and Charles Lloyd, The Fairview Animal Hospital

"Sugar Hollow Solar really went the extra mile to make my project work. I love reading the output info on the electrical box that informs me of how many TONS of CO2 I have saved from entering the atmosphere."

— Kathy Triplett, Home Owner

"I am delighted to recommend Sugar Hollow Solar without reservation. I found them knowledgeable, professional, courteous, prompt, willing to listen and answer questions, enthusiastic, strongly committed to customer satisfaction and very competitively priced.

— Mike Levi, Home Owner

"These guys bring excitement to the job and enjoy what they do and it shows in their quality and service. You can look around if you like, but these are the guys to go with!"

- Larry Papula, Home Owner