Wanna drink free beer, support Green Opportunities, & learn how to save with solar? (Pints for Power)

Can you believe it’s already October? Whoa.

Butternut squash soup, roasted root veggie everything, and pumpkin beer… mmmm.

Speaking of which — Pints for Power is back, y’all.

Mark your calendar for THIS Thursday, October 18th. 4-8 pm. One World Brewery West.

You in? RSVP right here.

We’ll be at One World West toasting to this tasty fall weather for Pints for Power, round two. And we’re stoked, because last time was SO fun.

(In case you missed round one, check out the photo below. In the spring we all met up at Wedge Brewery (see the box truck behind us?), tossed back an Iron Rail or two, chatted solar, raised $$$ for Green Opportunities, saw old friends and made lots of new ones. A lively time was had by all!)

Excited yet?

Here’s how it works:

Bring your power bill.

This is your ticket to a free pint on us, and our ticket to understanding what kind of solar system will work best for you. Win-win, right? We’ll sit and chat and answer your burning solar questions like:

“Will my roof work for solar?” “Can I really save money?” “So what’s the deal with this Duke rebate?” “How do solar panels even work???”

OK so: Bring your power bill > chat about solar > free pint of your choice. Thursday evening done right.

But wait, there’s more! Get thee to One World West anytime this month for a pint of Nectar of the Gourds, their seasonal pumpkin ale.

And not only because it’s as yummy as it sounds. 😉  ALSO because for every pint of Nectar of the Gourds sold throughout October, both One World and we here at Sugar Hollow will donate $1 to Green Opportunities.

That’s $2 per pint. For the whole month! Slàinte!

And on the off-chance you don’t know, Green Opportunities is a super impactful Asheville nonprofit. Their mission: to train, support, and connect people from marginalized communities to sustainable employment pathways.

Awesome, right? Here at Sugar Hollow we’re firmly in the camp that sustainability isn’t just about solar panels and recycling your beer cans. It’s also about taking care of our community. We’d love if you joined us in supporting GO’s amazing mission. Grab a pint of Nectar of the Gourds anytime this October to help us raise funds so they can keep making Asheville a better place to live… for everyone.

Okay. That’s all for now. Keep on keeping on. Times are a little rocky right now, but we’ve got this.

To all things pumpkin,

Kathryn and Team Sugar Hollow

Ready for comfort, security, and savings?

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