Mountains of paperwork down. NC rooftop solar ahead.

We know. It’s been confusing.

But it’s true: Duke Energy has officially announced the launch of their much anticipated NC Solar Rebate Program.

Here’s the quick and dirty for clean NC solar for Duke customers in 2018:

  1. The NC Solar Rebate Program was born because in 2017 the NC General Assembly passed “The Competitive Energy Solutions Law,” (1) which mandates that Duke provide solar incentives to NC customers.
  2. As a homeowner, this means you can save up to $6k on your solar system… typically around 25% of the cost, on top of the 30% federal tax credit (which is scheduled as is through 2019, after which it steps down four percentage points each year until it ends in 2022.)
  3. Duke set the rebate up as first come, first served. There are 10,000 kW worth of rebates for residential solar per year.
  4. … but this rebate will be available every year for the next five years. (Through 2022).
  5. So while they dialed up a sense of urgency with the kW per year cap (and yes, there is a queue) — there’s always next year if you think you want to go solar but you’re not quite ready. Because investing in solar isn’t a decision you should feel pressured about or rush into: it should be be carefully considered. And we’re here to help you understand exactly what could be right for you and your home, even if you’re just in the information gathering stage.
  6. We expect the rebate to triple (!!!) the amount of home solar installed in NC over the next five years. (Did you know NC is already #2 in the US for solar? (2))
  7. If your net meter for your solar system was or will be installed on or after January 1st 2018, you’re eligible!
  8. If you’re a residential or small non-residential customer (This means a system at or below 20 kW.), Duke will need your Certificate of Completion. (We’ll do this for you.)
  9. Duke says they’ll roll out applications July 9th 2018. (We’ll also fill these out for you.)
  10. If you’ve got questions, know that we’re a phone call away. Just ask!

Ready for comfort, security, and savings?

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