Wanna join the Sugar Hollow team?

Are you an out-of-the-box-thinker? Team player? Inspired to do something about climate change? We want you.

Over the last near-decade at Sugar Hollow, we’ve developed and refined a set of beliefs that help us make decisions, work together more effectively, and become better humans. They’re why and how we do what we do. If these resonate, there might be a good role waiting for you here.

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Reducing carbon.

Sugar Hollow Solar exists to be part of reversing climate change. It’s time. Switching to solar is one of the top ways we can each make a difference as citizens. And we’re proud that every single day, we as a business support our community in reducing carbon.


Meaningful work. 

Whether up on the roof or behind the scenes here at Sugar Hollow, we’re committed to providing our staff the tools and training they need to do their personal best, and to make an impact, every day. Every position here is integral to the company’s success.


Quality over speed.

We work in an industry where corners are often cut for the sake of quantity. Not here. We take the view that if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. Which means we don’t rush; we take our time with every single job we do. We believe in efficiency, but never speed at the expense of quality work.


People first.

Modern technology is incredible. The fact that it’s actually possible to power our lives with the sun now is nothing short of amazing. But technology isn’t everything. We believe in people first, whether we’re designing a custom solar system to fit a family’s unique lifestyle, or considering how to keep improving work-life balance with our staff.


Noticing the good stuff.

This is something we’re always striving to improve on. In business and in life, it’s easy to get caught up in what’s not perfect. But we believe focusing on what’s going right inspires a better culture. So we’ve made it a point to build in systems that remind us to appreciate the wins. From sharing how much carbon we’ve reduced each quarter to recognizing a job well done, we do our best to appreciate the good stuff.


We’re currently hiring a Project Manager and Administrative Assistant for the Sugar Hollow Solar team!

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Project Manager

Administrative Assistant


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