Our Mission:
Sweetening the Current Energy and Business Paradigms

At Sugar Hollow Solar, we care deeply about moving our society towards a more sustainable future - not just in the environmental sense but in how it relates to overall quality of life, now.


We want to build a company that people are excited about. For us, this means developing in-depth relationships with everyone we interact with and staying in a learning frame of mind so that we can continue to grow and improve our processes. We want our staff to feel good about the work they do every day and to know that they are contributing to a company that will be a positive force for change.


We try to take the long view. We believe that quality is important not only as a way to prevent future maintenance and safety issues but as a quality of life concern for the people working in the business. As business owners who are field guys ourselves, we have experienced the top down push to cut corners as a way to increase revenue, and we are passionate about trying to change that model.


We believe it’s spiritually important for people to be able to walk away from a job with their heads held high, feeling good about the work they’ve done. And while we understand that controlling costs is important, we’re not willing to sacrifice the pride that we think people should take in their work. We believe the long-term durability and emotional payback is worth any up-front costs that might incur.


We want to improve on the way business has traditionally been practiced. We’re always trying to find healthier ways of interacting with people both inside and outside the company. We have an open book policy and share all of our financial information within the company.

Join the Renewable energy revolution

“America is in the midst of its own energy revolution”



Join the renewable energy revolution! Solar technology has moved into the mainstream thanks to gains in efficiency and rapidly falling prices of components. It has never been easier to lower your consumption of fossil fuels and reduce your carbon footprint. And with the current tax incentives, the cost to switching of solar has never been sweeter.

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