We offer friendly service for your solar hot water, solar electric panels, and radiant heat boilers. Whether you need a one-time service call, or you’d like to join our Sugar Hollow Service Club for year-round assurance, our energy experts are here for you.


Got a one time service request?


We want you to have a great experience when you switch to clean energy, period. So whether we’ve installed your system or someone else has, you can count on us to keep it running beautifully.


Since 2010 our expert team has installed the best available solar and radiant technology. But life happens. And when it does, we’re here for you. We’re quick. We’re kind. We know our stuff.


If one of your systems needs maintenance or repair, or you just want to make sure everything’s properly chugging along, let us set your mind at ease.


For emergency service, please call us at 828-776-9161, ext 6.


Otherwise, click below to order one time service.

Sugar Hollow Service Club Membership

For us, sustainability means more than renewable energy: it’s also about long-term relationships and long-lasting systems. We want you to delight in your investment, worry-free, for as long as technology, human ingenuity, and TLC allows.


So we’ve designed a program to keep your energy systems whistle clean and on the job for the long haul.

Your SHSC Membership covers you whether we installed your system initially or not. We fix and service boilers, solar electric panels, and solar hot water.




Annual maintenance check-up. We’ll get up close and personal with your system so you can trust your investment is running at its fullest money-saving, good-for-the-planet potential. We shine, we scour, we test every moving part.


Priority service for unexpected breakdowns. No hot water, no heat? Stuff happens. And if it does, we’ll be there in light-speed. We’re basically The Flash. Only we’re limited by being human… and access to coffee.


Appointments to fit your schedule. No “morning or afternoon” time blocks for service members. You say, “9 am, please,” and we’ll prioritize your choice and do our best to make it happen.


24-hour emergency service. * Say you lose heat during a cold snap— if we can’t get your problem squared away over the phone, we’ll be there in a hurry. 😉 Unfortunately, we’re not able to offer this to non-members. *After hour service rates apply, and emergency means that waiting until the next available appointment will lead to significant property damage.


5% off new equipment from any SHS division. * If you decide to add a solar hot water system, a solar electric system, energy conservation measures, or another service we offer, you’ll get 5% off the final cost of the job. For example, if we installed a $10k solar electric system, you’d get $500 off. That’s a few Friday evening Iron Rail IPAs per week for an entire year, on us! *Up to $1,000.



Membership fees vary depending on location and system type. Click here for a quote and for more information.

Service Club Membership